Wonderful floor ceramics

The culture of the eastern countries has added a huge amount of various knowledge and decorative products to the world culture. Ceramic floor tiles were no exception either, as the very first samples found date back to the times of Ancient Persia.

Tiles are a very functional finishing material. It is easy to clean, is not afraid of moisture and is very durable. There are many options for visual design: drawings, patterns, relief, various shapes and sizes. Thanks to the combination of these qualities, tiles are an excellent material for flooring in any room.

The interior of the room can diversify not only differences in structure, shape and color. A variety of installation options can support design solutions, make it possible to create unique masterpieces, while giving the interior a special mood. For example, you can achieve the effect of an optical illusion, a visual effect of space distortion.

Floor ceramics is a fairly versatile material. It is suitable for arranging an office or a private house, it will find its place in government agencies and restaurants. The tile will decorate a small cozy corridor and a spacious semi-open loggia. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or living room – you can always choose and purchase high-quality tiles that make the interior cozy and stylish. You can order it on request /halftiles.

Features of floor ceramic tiles:

one. Variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

2. Strength and wear resistance.

3. Ease of maintenance.

four. Long service life.

A few decades ago, ceramic tiles were used only for wall decoration.

Ceramic flooring has been used relatively recently. Now ceramic floor tiles can be seen not only on the floor of banks, public institutions and restaurants. Increasingly, it is used during the repair of city apartments, even with a small footage.

The wear resistance and cost of this flooring do their job: even a few years after installation, the tiles will look as beautiful as if they were laid yesterday.

In addition, all manufacturers of ceramic floor tiles are constantly researching the consumer market and updating their range.

Depending on the type of room in which they plan to lay floor tiles, the material is divided into the following types:

• Tiles for the kitchen (with a high level of resistance to chemical and thermal influences – acid-resistant).

• Bathroom tiles (anti-slip).

• Tiles for public spaces (maximum wear resistance).

When choosing a ceramic floor covering, it is necessary to take into account not only the aesthetic parameters of the tile, but also its properties. Because every year it is simply unprofitable to change the tiles.

Beauty and durability are the main properties that ceramic floor tiles must meet. It is important not only to choose beautiful samples, but also to choose tiles taking into account the features of operation.