We close the cracks of a log building with jute twine

Having built a house or a bathhouse made of wood, you can notice how, after shrinkage of massive wooden walls made of logs and beams, cracks appear. What can close them?? Sometimes special twine is used for this, which are made from natural fibers.

We also note that everything you need for construction can be easily found today. In the event that the necessary material is not available in the region, you can always order cargo transportation on the website, and it will cost out so much.

Especially for these purposes, jute twine was made, which is sometimes called a cord or rope. Twine – very thin products made by weaving and having good performance properties and improved appearance. Cord, as the name implies, refers to environmentally friendly materials, as it is made from the natural fibers of the jute plant. It can be found in Bangladesh or India. From its properties it is possible to note excellent resistance to ultraviolet and high humidity.

The diameter of the jute cord can be different and depends on the size of the gaps that need to be insulated. Also, its diameter is determined by the size of the logs from which your building is built. Most often they sell jute rope 8 – 12 mm. No manufacturer of this product produces cords over 15 mm in diameter, however, there are very few such ropes in our country. The most common diameter in our country is 8 mm. Jute twine has a dark yellow tint, which is very similar to the color of freshly sawn pine wood.

Specially made galvanized nails are used to fix the jute to the beam or log. One of these nails of small diameter is driven into the lower log, and one into the upper log of the log house in line with the first. After that, a jute cord is securely fastened to the nails, after which the tips of the nails are sunk into it. Thanks to this, the interventional joint and the insulation that is located there are securely fixed. In the same way, other gaps that need insulation are covered. After that, thanks to the same cord, you can make a decorative decoration of a wooden building.

The highest quality jute products are undoubtedly produced in the places where it grows. Many companies in our country export products from Bangladesh, where they have perfected the technology for manufacturing various goods from the fibers of this shrub.

Buying jute today is not a problem, because in many stores jute of different diameters is always in stock. This is due to its incredible popularity. You can usually find it in hardware stores.

If you need to buy jute cord in bulk, then using the Internet you can find companies that carry out such sales. Specialists of such companies usually also provide free consultations on what diameter of twine is best used where.