Warm aluminum doors

Safety at work, safety of life, as well as the protection of personnel are the most important goals for the head of the company. Still, offices, like residential premises, should be clean and comfortable, and especially protected. For this reason, warm aluminum doors are now very popular. What is the mystery of this popularity?

Key advantages of aluminum doors

The list of benefits includes the following qualities:

– Lack of maintenance. Entrance tambours, interior or entrance door structures and other aluminum structures do not require labor-intensive maintenance. Their texture prevents the accumulation of dust, therefore, to wash the surface, it is enough to wipe them with a damp towel every two days.

– Acceptable cost. Due to the use of aluminum, the market price of the products is significantly lower than, say, the cost of wooden or glass doors and partitions.

– Long service life. Entrance vestibules, as well as doors made of such metal, are characterized by a very high resistance to wear and tear and strength than products made of wood or glass, since parts of aluminum structures are always covered with various paints, anodic oxides and powder compositions.

– High sound and thermal insulation index. Today’s aluminum structures are characterized by low thermal conductivity and prevent the penetration of noise. Accordingly, an excellent quality of sound and thermal insulation of the premises is achieved, where these doors and entrance vestibules, made of aluminum profiles, are mounted.

– Resistance to strong deformations of a mechanical nature, the effects of chemistry, water and sun rays. Despite the relative lightness, aluminum has a high resistance to stress. So the structures of doors and entrance vestibules made of aluminum do not bend and remain intact even when struck by heavy objects.

In a word, aluminum doors are the best choice for those who want to significantly increase the security and comfort of residential and office premises without spending extra money.