The amount of residential real estate is increasing

Throughout this year, the country has rapidly increased in the country, which is primarily due to the main reason – a significant simplification of all permits in the construction segment. The relevant information was officially announced by the Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Housing and Communal Economy and Development in Ukraine, Mr. Isaenko.

In the context of the implementation of European standards in the segment of legal regulation on the territory of Ukraine, a de facto legislative opportunity has been formed for the transition from the current permissive principle of work to a declarative one. The peculiarity of the new method is that the builder himself can start the process of building the object immediately after the GASK message is sent regarding the start of the entire construction process.

Such legislative initiatives quite quickly share their own fruits – the total number of housing construction for the reporting period of 9 months showed an increase of just over 7 percent.

It should be noted that the simplification of all major licensing procedures in Ukrainian construction allowed the country to rise to the mark of 145 points. The World Bank confirmed a significant improvement in the position of Ukraine as a whole.