Stained glass painting

You can transform ordinary glass into a real masterpiece with the help of glass painting. Although this is a rather complicated and painstaking work, but the products made using this technique attract and fascinate the eye. The magical beauty, created by the hands of skilled craftsmen, makes you admire the unique and inimitable appearance of glass for a long time. Outlandish drawings on furniture, mirrors, doors and windows will adequately decorate any interior, and painted vases, glasses, wine glasses will serve as a wonderful gift.

Bright and beautiful decorative glass painting creates a play of light. Modern stained glass paints do an excellent job with this task, because they are transparent, saturated, with a metallic effect, with sparkles, on various bases. Before using them, a fat-free base is necessarily used, on which a contour is applied with smooth hand movements. Thus, a closed contour drawing is created. Contour paste is in a tube with a small tip, has a wide range of colors: from all the colors of the rainbow to imitation of metals. This allows not only to copy the stained glass technique, but also to create an additional relief on products by applying dots or patterns with a contour.

For large-scale work, stained glass tapes made of lead or rubber with a self-adhesive backing are used.

After drawing the contour, the drawing itself is painted over, stained glass paints are used for this. They come in a variety of colors that can be mixed with each other.

In the process of work, round and flat brushes are used, which should be alternated with each other. Synthetic brushes are suitable for solvent-based paints.

Masters use various glass painting techniques, not limited to simple outline sketching. With white acrylic paint, you can create an imitation of frosty patterns on glass if applied with a sponge.

Structural pastes and gels create relief effects of frost, snow crumbs and even the glass itself.

With the help of matte or patinated varnishes, you can achieve the effect of shabby antiquity, and craquelure varnish will help to make small cracks.

However, the current stained glass painting is gradually abandoning the exact imitation of a real stained glass window, making the forms freer and softer. She combines the concepts of intricate medieval patterning and modern stained glass decorativeness to create delightful pieces.

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