pouring concrete in winter

The most suitable time for construction work is, of course, summer or spring. The best results from construction are obtained at this time of the year. But it also happens that waiting until summer is still a long time, and concrete work needs to be completed as quickly as possible for one reason or another. So the question arises of how to properly concrete the surface in winter and what kind of concrete to buy.

Naturally, in the spring and summer you have to kick out the walls and then overlay them with facing bricks. Of course, it is better to order high-quality facing bricks on this site in advance.

The first step is to heat the components of the concrete mixture, namely crushed stone, gravel, etc.d. To do this, use hot water without any finely dispersed substances. Boiled hot water pour over the components of the concrete mix. By and large, this water can be heated by a nearby burner. After that, you need to bring this mixture to the place of work as soon as possible.

It is best to treat this mixture with hot water as close to the work site as possible. It is recommended to transport the heated mixture in some container, initially heating it. Before starting transportation, cover this container with a tarp so that the heat remains inside for as long as possible.

Having brought the mixture to the place of pouring, clear it of snow, if any. It is even recommended to remove the snow that is near the work site. Also, it is worth checking for the presence of ice crusts, as in the place of pouring, since around it – this can be trite unsafe when working. By the way, for greater reliability, it is better to order a cement mortar than to prepare it yourself.

After clearing the site, proceed to pour concrete. Before you start, add special mixtures to it that increase the frost resistance of concrete. It is better to take mixtures that not only increase frost resistance, but also accelerate concrete hardening. Next, proceed to pour concrete into the trays, distribute it evenly over the entire surface.

Next, it is necessary to maintain the temperature for the concrete to harden. Otherwise, some elements of the mixture will begin to stick together, which is not recommended. You can warm up the pouring place using a special industrial wire heater. The elements of this heater are located over the entire surface of the casting and perform uniform heating of the mixture until it completely hardens. You can also use infrared heaters, if their power allows you to maintain a constant temperature.