Leveling the walls of the house

The construction of a house largely depends not only on the quality of materials, but also on the professionalism of the builders. If the craftsmen do not have practical skills, then it may happen that a house made of high-quality materials can turn out with many defects, among which there are uneven walls.

As you know, the alignment of the walls of the house is carried out during the repair of the last. During the repair, it is worth looking around the interior of the house, maybe for convenience and safety, you need to install handrails. If so, you can order handrails at competitive prices at the link below, where you will find a large assortment of functional and stylish handrails made from quality materials.

It is not always possible to straighten the unevenness of the walls with the help of plaster cladding. In this case, if the curvature of the walls is a few percent, then the walls are leveled using facing plates. As such a facing material, large-sized gypsum boards can be used so that there are the least docking nodes. Laying drywall boards for leveling the walls of the house is done by the dry method, when the boards are attached to the walls on a special frame made of wooden planks. Each framing window must fit the size of one drywall board.

Wooden frame mounted directly on the wall. Already during the installation of the frame, the walls are aligned over the entire area. The frame is fixed to the wall with screws or self-tapping screws. Also, the installation of a frame for a plasterboard slab can be combined with the process of warming a house. If an insulation process is provided, then the frame is accordingly made in such a way that a layer of insulation material can be placed under the frame. Gypsum boards are strengthened on the created frame, and the leveled surface of the wall is prepared for the facing process. Facing on a plasterboard wall can be done in different ways and with different materials.