In Taiwan, they proposed to toughen the punishment for failure to appear on mobilization

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan has proposed amendments to the Law on the Mobilization Training of the National Defense, which toughen the punishment for spreading disinformation and failure to appear at the appointed time during the mobilization period.

This is reported by the Central News Agency of the island.

The Ministry sent the amendments on February 21, after which they should be considered and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Legislative Assembly of Taiwan.

If the amendments are adopted, persons who were called up as part of the mobilization and did not appear at the appointed time may face imprisonment for up to seven years. Those who spread rumors or false information about mobilization can be imprisoned for up to three years or fined 1 million Taiwanese dollars (about $32.6 thousand). In cases where false information is spread on television, radio or on the Internet, fines can be doubled.