Fountain construction

For the construction of a fountain in a summer cottage, the following devices will be required: a water tank, fountain nozzles and a pump.

At the first stage, for the construction of the fountain, we build a reservoir. Sprinkle the bottom of the future fountain with sand, lay a PVC film over the sand and concrete. We strengthen the sides with tiles or stone.

At the second stage of construction, we select the pump. The electric pump is used to drive the fountain. Depending on the power and performance, choose the pump model. If the fountain is planned to be small, then the pump is directly connected to the nozzle, if the fountain is planned to be large, then the pump is connected to the nozzle using a special hose.

By purchasing separately nozzles, filters and hoses, the rate of operation of the pump will decrease. It is recommended to buy a ready-made kit, which provides data on the hydraulic resistance of different devices, and then everything will work as one folded system.

By purchasing a special pump that will independently regulate the pressure of the fountain jet, you can control the fountain using a remote control: turn the fountain on and off from a distance. Many pumps can be changed efficiency and pressure. A regulator is installed between the nozzle and the pump. Most designs have a branch, which is convenient for attaching an additional pipe. This device allows, simultaneously with the operation of the pump, to pump water into the fountain in the area through the pipe.

The pump needs constant cleaning, as the water passing through it can bloom, have an unpleasant odor and become cloudy. To avoid these unfortunate consequences, it is necessary to use a filtration system.