Built-in dry heat bath (sauna)

Built-in Dry Heat Bath (Sauna)

I. a common part

The built-in sauna is designed for an apartment located in

three-story six-apartment residential building according to the /h01 project.

This sauna bath project is not a basis for application and serves only as an example of organizing a dry heat chamber in an apartment (house).

Download example.

Do not try to repeat at home without expert advice,

project and coordination with local architectural authorities.

II. Technological part.

The dry heat bath is intended for taking hot dry baths in

combined with post-cooling shower.

The dry heat chamber is heated using a special electric heater,

in which, with the help

electric heaters, the ambient air and the laid

top of cobblestones.

Fresh air is supplied through

dedicated channel from adjacent room with remote control,

located under the electric heater. Air is removed through

a longitudinal slot in the lining of the rear wall of the chamber behind the shelves into the air

ceiling cladding space and further through the box to the next room

bathroom, from where through the window fan to the street.

III. Architectural and construction solution.

The dry heat bath is located in a residential apartment next to the bathrooms, with

Access to the bathroom with shower and bathtub. Camera

Dry heat has three main parts:

– steam room;

– niche for the heater;

– control point.

The steam room has shelves for 2 seats. Floor, walls, ceiling

steam rooms lined with profiled hardwood boards. shelves

also hardwood. Fastening wood with nails

sunken hat”.

Entrance door wooden, reinforced with slatted cladding on both sides.

The niche of the electric heater is made of selected front ceramic

red brick. The top of the niche is a concrete slab resting on a stone


Ceramic tile floor sloping towards the drain

devices. A wooden grating made of


IV. Constructive decisions.

Inside the camera room is performed

frame made of wooden beam 50×50, which is filled with insulation and

lined with softwood boards from the inside. The insulation is insulated

aluminum self-adhesive tape

located between two layers of wood cladding. cladding fastening

nail. Hats must be flattened and recessed at least 5 mm.

Nail sockets are sealed with sawdust-filled mastic.

Wall cladding, ceiling, shelves, floor grating is made only of

hardwood lumber. Wood defects – knots, usually 500 mm,

cracks, wormholes, rot, core – not allowed. Humidity

wood no more than 12%.

Fixing the control unit, electric heater in a niche according to the attached


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Author: Valery