Built-in appliances are great in any kitchen

No one will deny that the most comfortable place in the house is the kitchen. How often all members of the family are slowly drawn into the kitchen when the hostess is preparing something tasty there. And everyone strives to be the first to try a new dish. Urom certainly have breakfast in the kitchen, and in the evening they are happy to drink evening tea there. And the hostess, of course, tries to maintain order in her patrimony. Well, most importantly, it is necessary that there is a convenient technique for cooking.

If food was cooked in furnaces in rural areas, then the city residents had to do this on the stove, which was heated with wood and stood, as a rule, in the middle of the kitchen. Only in the second half of the 19th century in Germany, economical ovens appeared on coals. In Russia for a long time, city housewives used kerosene and kerogaz, up to the appearance of gas plates. Gas stoves were constantly improved, their shape changed, oven appeared in it.

However, a full coup in the kitchen occurred when electrical appliances appeared – plates, ovens, mixers, microwave ovens. And all this is created for convenience and comfort in the kitchen. The innovation of recent decades is a built -in technique in the kitchen. To a large extent this is due to the neff technique, which has long been a leading specialist in this field. In the range of built-in appliances, almost all household appliances.