About the culture of Ancient China

Ancient China was a country that impressed with its inventions and their number. Even then, China had some of the best astronomers in the world.

They were able to determine the date of the solar and monthly blackout. They could recognize spots on the sun and the appearance of comets. It was in the Ancient world that the Chinese became the inventors of paper, compass.

Back in 3 thousand BC, the Chinese laid the foundations of writing and began to use hieroglyphs. Special attention is paid to philosophical teachings. One of the main philosophers and scientists of that time was Confucius, who introduced Confucianism, a teaching whose main task was to achieve perfection and harmony by man.

Special attention was also paid to education. An educated person before coming of age should comprehend 6 main sciences: arithmetic, music, chariot driving, writing, archery, etiquette. Children must necessarily know their own history.

Already at that time, some of the best silk fabrics were being made in China, they began to engage in painting, architecture, wood and stone carving.