We earn on the extraction of sand by dredgers of the company “Epos”

Recently, the volume of construction has increased in the country. During any construction, a large amount of sand is needed, and you can take a lot of it only in the river. It is taken from the river in this way: sand is pumped out of the river along with water in containers, then the water drains, and the sand remains, take it and use it. And everything is done with special equipment – a suction dredger.

So my friends and I decided to try to make money on this business. To begin with, they found and bought a decommissioned suction dredger in the river port, repaired it and put it into action. It turned out not bad, only because the device is old, it often broke down, especially the pumps that are installed there.

And we set ourselves the goal – to earn and buy new equipment. Literally a year later, we bought a mini-air for the same company, now we have two in our work. And this means that the work increased and new customers appeared. In less than two years, they bought a large landing shell. The old one has already finally written off and allowed for scrap metal.

Our company is expanding, now we not only get sand, but also invite us to carry out purification and deepening the bottom of various reservoirs.