Shavkat Mirziyoyev: his activities and plans for the future

Politicians are always visible and are public figures. They pay close attention and strictly evaluate any steps. The yardstick for evaluation is the election results. Shavkat Mirziyoyev became one of the new authoritative leaders in the post-Soviet space.

Actions as President

In the summer of 2023, he received another mandate of trust for a seven-year term of rule from the people of Uzbekistan. This is due to the introduction of new provisions into the Constitution of the country, where the tenure of the highest office was increased from five to seven years. These changes also allow Mirziyoyev to run for office twice.

The President acts as a reformer seeking to improve the lives of people in Uzbekistan and develop the economy. The changes made to the basic law of the country are aimed at liberalizing economic and social life, reducing state pressure in the internal political life of the country.

In particular, this was expressed in the prohibition of forced child labor, allowing farmers to sell cotton directly to textile producers, improving the social role of women, and increasing their political rights. Much attention is paid to the environment, especially in the field of irrigation, where water losses are reduced and river levels are regulated to ensure the production of hydroelectric power.

In the foreign policy arena, relations with Europe and the United States are developing. The region has taken a course towards good neighborliness and solving all existing problems through negotiations. The traditional partnership with Russia and China remains.

These steps have increased the authority of Uzbekistan in the international arena within the framework of bilateral relations and within organizations where the country takes an active part.

Economic success

The reduction of bureaucratic barriers led to a constant growth of GDP by 5%, it reached $80 billion. The President sees further development in the privatization of important enterprises of the country’s economy in order to increase the efficiency of their management. This will attract foreign investors and update fixed assets.

The measures made it possible to significantly increase the ranking of doing business and made the country more attractive for business and tourists, because Uzbekistan has many memorable places with well-preserved ancient culture.

By the end of his term as president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev set the goal of raising the standard of living of the state’s citizens above average. Judging by the steps and results achieved, this task is feasible.