Replacement of water pipes in the apartment

Replacement of water pipes in an apartment (bathroom, toilet or in the kitchen), in contrast to individual premises (private houses, mansions), must be done by specialists with the stay of a plumber from the housing and communal services. More precisely, a person or a repair organization agrees (writes a statement) to turn off the water in the riser (speaking boldly, they turn off the whole approach of a residential building with many apartments). When the moisture is blocked from the housing and communal services by a plumber, old pipes are cut off from the universal riser, and emergency taps are placed on them to shut off the water supply to your apartment, from which the distribution of water pipes will be concretely.

When such taps are installed, the water supply to the riser in the entrance is turned on again, and the plumbing team then installs water pipes in the bathrooms (toilet, bathroom) and in the kitchen.

Settling them down and soldering them. After the plumbing is installed, it is allowed to fold the mosaic and, as a result, only pipes simply leave the lined wall, to which plumbing equipment is specifically connected (faucets, heated towel rails, etc.) supported by high pressure hoses.