How to upgrade a trellis for grapes

When laying a vineyard, many summer residents make a mistake because they do not know how to plant and then care for grapes. This is due to the fact that some time ago amateur viticulture did not have its own status. Therefore, people used the methods of industrial laying of vineyards (between the rows they made a distance of three meters, and between the bushes – two meters). As a result, the grapes became crowded after three years. I had to make a lot of efforts to get a crop (pinching, minting, limiting growth).

In order for the vineyard to grow under normal conditions, gardeners should increase the distance between rows and bushes to four meters (square). This will allow more full use of the food area.

Standard tapestries, which are used in industrial viticulture, have a height of 2.2-2.5 meters. They are inconvenient for summer residents, since you have to use a ladder all the time, both for harvesting and for processing and maintaining the vineyard. And it is very tiring and carries the risk of injury.

To give a trellis, it is recommended to upgrade for yourself.

Paired racks of a two-plane trellis must be spaced at the bottom from each other by 60 centimeters, and at the top – by 140 centimeters. This will allow you to work comfortably inside the row and move freely between planes.

The height of the support should be 180 centimeters, the “wings” of the trellis – 45 centimeters towards the row spacing.

Along the entire row, at the very top of the racks, it is necessary to weld pipes. To them, across, you need to weld pipes of smaller diameter (above a pair of racks, one at a time). Thinner pipes should protrude beyond the plane towards the row spacing, by about 45 centimeters. At the ends of the tubes you need to stretch the wire.

This will allow, without prejudice to the growth of bushes, to carry out all operations from the ground, without resorting to the help of a ladder. The lower wire will be 50 centimeters from the ground, and there will be three more tiers above it. The gaps between them will also be equal. The last tier will be performed by the upper longitudinal pipe.

The vines should be tied to the bottom wire. Thus, there will still be 130 centimeters to the upper trellis and plus the length of the horizontal “wing” – 45 centimeters. This distance is enough for growth. The tops will hang on the outside of the “wing” – through the wire.

This will help the vine to limit itself in growth. In addition, the illumination of the vineyard will improve. This will allow you to get a high yield of quality grapes.