How to pickle ginger

Pickled ginger is a product widely used in oriental dishes. Very often it is an essential attribute of Japanese dishes: rolls and sushi. The use of pickled ginger as a garnish for various dishes and as a popular snack is widely known. The product is considered exotic, but it is quite possible to cook it yourself.

To prepare pickled ginger, you should prepare a vegetable peeler, fresh ginger, salt, sugar, rice vinegar, a ladle or saucepan, stove, jars and lids.

Cooking recipe:

Buy ginger, which is sold in the vegetable section of the supermarket or in the market. Ginger must be fresh, otherwise successful pickling is impossible. Please note that the ginger root is firm, has a light color, and the skin is smooth, intact.

After buying fresh ginger, the stage of preparing it for pickling begins. First, rinse it thoroughly with water, then peel off the skin. Peel ginger in a similar way to carrots, peel the skin, but you can cut the outer layer into thin slices, as if peeling potatoes.

After peeling, the ginger is cut into thin strips. Get a very sharp knife for this procedure, then you can easily and quickly chop the ginger.  Most often they use a special vegetable peeler, during which you can get the thinnest ginger plates. The quality of ginger pickling depends on the fineness of the cut.

After cutting the ginger, it is covered with salt and left for a certain period of time while the marinade is prepared.

To prepare the marinade, heat the stove and pour a little rice vinegar into the saucepan. Salt and sugar are also added there, and the mixture is boiled until the crystals are completely dissolved. Then they wash the ginger, which was covered with salt, from its excess and pour it with the resulting hot marinade.

Let the ginger stand in the pot of hot marinade until it cools down, after which you can begin the next step.

To soften ginger, boil it in the same marinade for about half an hour.

While cooking ginger, they prepare jars. They are washed in hot water and wiped dry. Sometimes jars are heated in the microwave, which is also an additional sterilization.

After cooking, place the ginger in jars and cork them.

You need to pay attention to the fact that the storage of pickled ginger should be done in the refrigerator.