How to buy an apartment in the residential complex Triumph Park

In St. Petersburg, at present, the housing market, as well as in many Russian cities, is very lively. Many citizens want to improve their living conditions. This became available thanks to the free sale of old housing and the purchase of a new one.

The residential complex in St. Petersburg offers its services to purchase comfortable comfortable housing. Most often, the developer offers apartments on a turn-key basis, residents only need to plan and translate the furniture.  One of the advantages of the housing complex is the presence in the new microdistrict of an ennobled territory and a developed microstructure.

When solving the housing issue, by purchasing an apartment in a new building, you can solve another problem and become a full legal partner of a construction company. The first owner of the apartment significantly wins in real estate inspections compared to inspections of the existing housing market.

Thus, when purchasing an apartment in a house under construction, one should regularly visit the new building and observe the progress and intensity of construction work. Special insurance provided for in the event of a delay in construction and commissioning of a residential building, or even in the event of a complete freeze of construction, will not interfere either. This service will cost a lot. But if all this happens, then you will not lose all the money, and the insurance company will compensate for losses.

And one more piece of advice would be useful: make sure the builder is honest. All financial and legal documentation for the construction must be in order, including the project, he must provide for review upon request. Most often, large companies publish it on their website. The long term of work in the construction of the company also speaks in favor of its trust.

In addition, an apartment in a new building is most often cheaper than in the secondary housing market, and the layout is more modern and comfortable. But you can see an unplanned increase in new home prices as buyers invest in real estate.