Floor leveling and insulation

Before applying any type of floor covering, the floor surface must be carefully leveled and reinforced. First you need to mount the underlying layer, evenly distributing all the loads. Next, the floor is waterproofed, which provides reliable protection against wastewater that can penetrate the floor. After that, thermal insulation is performed, which is especially relevant for rooms located above spans or above rooms that are not heated.

At the next stage, the installation of the screed begins, which levels the surface of the floor or the previous layer. At the same time, various communications fit in. By the way, now many have begun to install 3D photo wallpaper on the wall, usually with their own hands.

This completes the rough work, however, before the direct installation of the decorative and finishing coating, it is necessary to put a special layer, which is an intermediate layer of the floor that serves as the base for the selected coating material.

At the last stage, a decorative coating is installed, which is the topmost layer of the floor. It not only has high performance, but also provides an aesthetic function. The coating must withstand severe loads, so it is necessary to choose reliable and high-quality materials.