Country real estate – all the advantages of owning a home

Good day, readers of our site. Today we will talk about suburban real estate. Remember the advertisement that said it was good to have a house in the country. So, it really is. It is very good to have not just a house, but a house, I would even say a cottage, and not in the village, but somewhere in the forest or near the lake. As you understand, suburban real estate, and even in a good area, has always been and will be in demand. Many people dream of buying a plot in a cottage settlement for development or even buying a ready-made house.

The advantages of such a house are obvious:

one. No hustle and bustle of the city. As a rule, such houses are located in quiet areas, in the forest or near the lake. No noisy companies, loud cars and all those unpleasant aspects of the metropolis.

2. Environmental friendliness. If you have children, then it is better for them to grow up in nature, and not in the concrete jungle of the city. Of course, you can send him to his grandmothers in the village for the summer (if there is such an option), but it’s much better to live outside the city yourself.

3. Independence. A lot of owners install autonomous heating, solar panels, drill a well and pump water. Thus, they try to be as independent from the state as possible.

Buying a house, you need to calculate your financial capabilities. Understand that buying a house is half the battle. It still needs to be maintained, cared for, maintained in good condition, and these are monthly costs. Now in an elite village near Kyiv (from. Koncha-Zaspa) are massively selling large houses. Building them 10 years ago, people thought little about the content. Now a big house can require from 5 a month.000 dollars for upkeep. Agree that the amount is not small.