Country cottage profitable and beautiful

Positive forecasts of specialists about the country’s hypothetical exit from the stagnant crisis, respectively, lead to the fact that many people are increasingly starting to return to the issue of buying high-quality, as well as comfortable housing, both for themselves and for their loved ones. And then they face the acute question of choice: buy an apartment or build a house. Serious building technologies, in turn, offer many solutions that make it possible to build a very inexpensive cottage, which will directly compete with any city apartment. A cottage outside the city itself is a very great alternative to permanent residence in the city, a great opportunity to fully enjoy unity with mother nature, clean and fresh air, as well as many other charms that a house outside the city has.

Many experts consider a wooden cottage to be the best for permanent residence, as well as the most environmentally friendly, the very useful and specific properties of which have long been known to people. That is why our ancestors always gave their preference to wood: a country wooden cottage is distinguished by good heat saving, as well as good sound insulation, the wood used has a rather favorable effect on the psychological and spiritual person, has wonderful aesthetic properties. Walls made of wood allow the necessary air to pass through and in turn naturally regulate the overall level of humidity in the house.

The construction of a country cottage does not always involve a long, as well as an expensive process. Due to the emergence and rapid development of modern building technologies, at the moment it is possible to continue construction work without fear of cold and winter frosts at all. A house to which such technology as a sandwich panel is applied can be built almost under the most severe weather conditions, it is not at all afraid of frost or rain. The use of a special frame construction technology, the use of block building materials to a greater extent reduce the time of the entire construction. For example, building a house from special SIP panels with a ready-made foundation, in principle, can be done in just 5-6 weeks. A team of professional and experienced builders can build a house using special Canadian technology without any need for heavy equipment for construction.