Communal robbery of residents of the residential complex “Kotsyubinsky”

The situation around the residential complex Kotsiubynske continues to escalate rapidly. Litigation between the Ukrainian Nadra Bank and the developer company had not yet ended, as the residents of this house again faced the threat of a multiple increase in utility tariffs. According to analysts, this situation will be observed even if the court still recognizes the right to own housing.

The majority of individuals who, together with the bank, invested their own funds in the construction of a new residential complex, express their fears that the court may deprive private investors of the right to use the existing adjacent territory. Some fear that even their own apartments may be deprived of their own apartments in court, since not all those who have invested money properly carry out the necessary permits.

For other investors who defend their own interests in court, the quarterly fee may increase significantly. According to preliminary estimates, such an increase can be up to 8 times. A similar situation has been observed more than once in the domestic expanses and realities of residential real estate construction. Investors pay attention to the fact that the court can unilaterally provide the entire adjacent territory and all communications located on it, by a banal transfer of ownership. There have already been cases in which, after litigation, the rent increased by more than 7 times. There is also the high reality that investors will simply lose ownership of their properties. The situation continues to escalate. So far, no one is able to foresee the further development of the event around the residential complex.