TELS GLOBAL company: what services it provides and its features

Today there are too many companies to remember everything. There are far fewer international ones. Companies that have entered the global market are not just a recognizable brand.

This is huge power and incredible opportunities.

One of such companies is TELS GLOBAL. Check it out, it’s worth it. TELS GLOBAL is an international logistics provider offering comprehensive services in transportation and logistics industry by all modes of transport, including warehousing, insurance, financial and other related services.


The field of activity of TELS GLOBAL is international cargo transportation. The company was founded in 2001 and was originally called Transeuropean Logistic Services Ltd. The current name is the result of a rebranding in 2022. The company’s head office is located in London, but there are branches in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Starting with road transport, TELS GLOBAL has extended its influence to all logistics.

The company insures all cargo. Insurance is reliable, with international standards. Membership in FIATA provides additional protection.

The crisis of recent years has not broken TELS GLOBAL. On the contrary, the company developed intensively.


Multimodal transportation. The most demanded service is the movement of goods by different means of transport. Fast and profitable.

Automobile transportation. The good old truck remains a reliable means of transportation. Not only conservatives choose it: trucking is cheap.

Rail transportation. Fast and safe (the number of accidents far exceeds the number of railway accidents).

There is only one minus: trains do not run without rails, and they do not connect all settlements. But as part of multimodal cargo transportation, the railway reveals its full potential.

Shipping. You cannot do without sea communication if the consignment is really large.

Air transportation. Expensive, but the fastest option. Airplanes deliver goods to all corners of the planet.

Project logistics. TELS GLOBAL will arrange turnkey logistics for you.

Warehouse services. They include labeling according to different systems.


TELS GLOBAL is a reliable firm with the broadest reach. It delivers goods almost all over the world. Routes worked out: the cargo will arrive in the shortest way and in the shortest possible time.

Extensive experience, qualified staff, advanced transport fleet allow us to satisfy even the most complex requests. Everything is automated as much as possible to minimize the human factor.

The company is constantly improving and developing. New routes are being laid, old projects are being optimized, new partners are emerging. The service is constantly getting better.