Sale of apartments from developers in Dubai during the construction phase: main advantages

Buying an apartment or villa on the primary market in Dubai seems to be a profitable investment. These properties have a number of advantages, they are modern and reliable. Dubai real estate developers offer their services when choosing premises and carrying out the purchase process.

Features of the market and advantages of purchasing

Dubai is the most developing emirate; investments are constantly coming here, many owners are moving their businesses. The construction of new buildings makes it possible to introduce more and more objects that satisfy the most stringent demands of potential owners. Investment property is especially popular when real estate is purchased to generate income from rental or subsequent resale over time.

An important parameter is the opportunity to buy a property directly from the developer at the stage of construction of the building, when the price is the minimum possible for a property of this level. Additionally, an installment plan is offered for four years, when part of the purchase can, for example, be paid for with rental income.

All new properties in Dubai are state-of-the-art in terms of architecture, interior design, room layout, use of materials and technology. This allows us to hope for an increase in the value of real estate, and this figure can be tens, sometimes hundreds of percent.

When purchasing in installments, developers offer to make a relatively small down payment, which allows people with different investment opportunities to enter the project. Developers will help with paperwork and transaction execution. For foreign citizens, video tours of the facility can be organized for a more detailed acquaintance.

What can a real estate buyer get?

First of all, for foreign citizens purchasing properties on the primary market, a long-term visa is provided to visit the country, which allows them to stay for a long period of time. If an object worth more than 204 thousand US dollars is purchased, then the owner of such an object is issued a golden visa.

Once you own an object, you can rent it out, sell it, or bequeath it. There are no restrictions on such types of actions, and the beneficiaries in this case can have citizenship of almost any country in the world.

It is worth considering that despite the growth in construction, demand is outstripping supply, which means that all real estate will inevitably rise in price. Investment is completely safe, because the laws of the emirate guarantee the inviolability of private property.