It is generally accepted that the covering of floors and walls in rooms with ceramic tiles is a beautiful and convenient method of decoration, which can often be found.

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Her appearance is always excellent, but there is one thing that can ruin everything – these are the seams. For grouting joints in ceramic coatings, there are two types of grouting solutions – based on epoxy resins and based on cement. Silicone sealant used in hard to reach places. There are both cheap and popular mixtures, they are cement-based, but they are not resistant to excess moisture.

Outdoor grouts are used that are modified with polymers. There are mixtures that are in constant contact with water for laying tiles. This grout will not crumble or crack. If the load on the walls and on the floor is not small, then the tile joint should also be resistant to wear. Cement grout, when selected, should be improved with profile additives.

In such cases, concrete is not used, even if it is not expensive. In a container with warm water, a dry mixture is gradually added in proportions. Then it is mixed by hand or with a mixer to the desired consistency. Before filling, the seams must be moistened. The liquid from the grout is not absorbed by the edges of the tile, and this protects against cracks.