Benefits of using a cryptomixer for users

Many bitcoin holders are well aware that its anonymity is not complete, it is only an indirect indicator. If necessary and with a strong desire, tracking the movement of this currency is much easier than it seems.

If you read more about BitMix on, the experienced cryptocurrency holder will understand that transaction tracking makes bitcoin “visible”. To get out of the “visibility zone”, it is necessary to use a cryptomixer for bitcoins, which “scatters” transactions, knocking the follower off the trail.

The main purpose of the cryptomixer is:

  • full or partial concealment of transactions carried out in the past;
  • unavailability of viewing transfers to electronic payment systems;
  • preservation of the incognito name of the owner of the cryptocurrency.

The bitcoin mixer works on the following principle: it divides the cryptocurrency amount into parts and mixes it with parts of other holders. The principle of random numbers operates here, which creates a significant obstacle in the way of people who carry out surveillance.

When a cryptocurrency is anonymous, this makes it possible to hide its movement and, accordingly, income. Therefore, the vast majority of cryptocurrency owners prefer to use an anonymizer.

Benefits of using a cryptomixer for users

From the moment of using the mixing process, the owners of the crypt were convinced of its effectiveness and began to use the sites of this direction quite often, which significantly increased the demand for this service.

The main benefits of getting it are:

  • Possibility to remain incognito;
  • the size of the commission is from 1 to 5%, which is acceptable for many users;
  • anonymity, since during the mixing process the data of the recipient of the service are deleted from the platform until the end of the mixing;
  • security, since the program encrypts the connection, which makes all transactions and the crypt “invisible”;
  • No registration requirement for the service. This is not only an indicator of the right mixing site, but also the security and privacy of the client.

If you come across a resource that insists on mandatory registration, leave it immediately. The right services are completely anonymous, as that’s their main purpose. Registration on the site will not allow you to keep secret the income and movement of cryptocurrency.

Remember that the illegal use of anonymizers leads to liability.