What characterizes the development of Chinese culture

To the best of the possibilities of modern technology and the development of culture, many Europeans and Americans believe that the cultural development of the Chinese lags behind the modern world.

All this is due to the fact that China has long remained closed to other peoples and an isolated state.

But, probably, it was isolation from the world and general development that helped to preserve a peculiar culture here and maintain long-standing traditions in the form in which they originated.

Foreigners were not allowed here until 1949 (except in cases related to the trade sphere). After other countries received admission to the country, some traditions were banned in China, and they decided to introduce progressive European visions. This has made its mark on the spiritual culture of the Chinese.

It was only in the 1980s that the Chinese authorities began to realize that such actions did not have a positive impact on the development of the Chinese, the introduced progress could completely destroy all the cultural heritage and traditions that had accumulated for thousands of years. Since that time, the old cultural traditions and ideology began to awaken again. Today, Chinese culture is a unique phenomenon that combines modern Art Nouveau and old traditions.

Features of Chinese culture

If we do not talk about each of the spheres of culture, but characterize in general, then we will be able to highlight such features:

  1. It is characterized by uniqueness and originality. It is aimed at a realistic existence on Earth. An important stage of their life is participation in traditional rituals and customs.
  2. Nature is inextricably linked with Chinese religion. Almost all the forces of nature are deified. Nature is also a “muse” for architects, lyricists, and artists.
  3. The Chinese, both in life and in science, do not like complex structures, they are used to being content with what they have, to show emotions at a minimum.
  4. They are thrifty and enterprising in their actions.

Closed politics played the greatest influence on the formation of their peculiar mentality, writing and culture.