We are engaged in the repair of walls

I immediately want to make a reservation that you will have to spend a lot of time on the walls, because this is one of the main elements of the interior of the room. In addition, in area is the most significant section of repair work.

Before proceeding to wall decoration, you should decide on the wiring: change or not change. If you change, then which replace: again the internal or lay the outer, packing in special boxes?

Internal wiring is laid before plastering walls. But the outer will become the final stage when decorating surfaces. Therefore, it is so important to decide on this moment in advance and choose the corresponding material.

The following question: whether to update windows and doors? Even if new ones are not installed, the old ones should still be restored. Repair, painting doors and windows should also be dealt with before proceeding to the actual walls.

Next, pay attention to heating (pipes and radiators). If the system does not change completely, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance (depending on the type of heating), if necessary, repair, and then paint.

So, we coped with all the intermediate work, you can prepare the surface of the walls: defects are eliminated, irregularities are smoothed out. First you need to deal with fragmentary sections, and then level the entire surface of the wall by plastering it (not forgetting to pre-prime it).

All these works are performed sequentially, but simultaneously on all walls of the room. First, we walked around the perimeter of the room, working with defective areas, then, in the same sequence, they primed and plastered all the walls.

Next comes the stage for which, in fact, everything was started – the design of the walls. In this regard, everyone has their own preferences: someone wants wallpaper, and someone like acrylic coatings, wood or 3D interior decoration.

Whatever they oppose, it should be taken into account the fact that the finish intended for the living room is unlikely to be suitable for the children’s room, and the more the kitchen. It is more advisable to use the wallpaper on the “galley”, in the nursery – liquid, and even in the guest one you can “turn around”, as the soul wishes (within reasonable limits, of course).

Having finished with wallpapers (painting walls), switches and sockets are installed in place, external wiring is laid (if this option was selected). But before laying the wire, a special “bed” is first attached to it, in which it will be held.