Stagnation in the residential real estate market

Starting from the beginning of January next year in 2013, in order to carry out registration, as well as re-registration of real estate, there is no need to apply directly to the Bureau of Technical Inventory. It is from this moment that the law number 5037-VI will come into force, regarding the simplification of the procedure for state registration of property rights to land plots, as well as real estate.

To register an apartment, you just need to apply for the appropriate service to a notary. At the same time, private notaries will have the necessary powers of the state registrar. It will be enough for him to simply accept the documentation from a potential client and contact and contact the Bureau of Technical Inventory regarding the setting of a real estate object for state accounting. The collection of documentation will be carried out directly by the notary over the next three days. Over this period, all the necessary documentation in paper form will be collected, after which it is entered into the electronic type database. Experts expect such changes to be the main reason for a certain stagnation in the real estate market.