Spare source of electricity

Surely many have had such cases in their lives: suddenly, without warning, the electricity was turned off. And you weren’t ready for it at all.

In these situations, it would be nice to install electric current generators at home. This is a kind of mini power plants that work on the principle of converting the chemical energy of fuel into electric current.

Generators differ by type of fuel. Almost everything here is the same as in cars. There are generators that run only on gasoline, there are only on diesel fuel, and there are mixed ones that run on several types of fuel alternately (most often it is gas and gasoline).

Each type of generator has its own characteristic properties and parameters. For example, diesel generators are able to generate more power while using their fuel sparingly. They last much longer than gasoline generators.  But they are quite bulky. And yes, they are much more expensive. Gasoline generators are compact and not as noisy as diesel generators.

You can buy a generator on our website. Here is a wide selection of all models of generators.