Replacing doors: installing a mortise lock

Repair work in an apartment can be accompanied not only by updating the decoration of the premises, but also by replacing some building elements, which include interior and entrance doors. And one of the stages in the performance of these works will be the installation of a door lock, in particular, a mortise. Installing a mortise lock is a fairly simple task that requires the necessary tools, care and accuracy of the work. By the way, do you know that now you can make a plasterboard ceiling with your own hands, but it will take some time. 

Before starting work, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the purchased lock model. Then you need to check the location of the cut on the latch, as this will determine whether the door will slam shut. If necessary, it is recommended to turn the latch over by pushing it out of the lock using the spring present in it.

The lock must be attached to the door to the place where it is planned to be installed (mortise locks with a handle are usually located 900-1000 mm from the floor level), and outline with a pencil the contours of not only the lock, but also the attachment points, handles and wells. With the help of a drill on a tree installed in a drill, all the necessary holes are drilled, and with a chisel and a hammer, a recess is carefully hollowed out in the door for the end plate of the lock, which should repeat the contour of the lock with maximum accuracy. At the same time, it is recommended to try on the lock several times as the work is done, since its surface must completely coincide with the surface of the door.

After that, the end part of the lock is fixed with self-tapping screws, the lock strips are installed so that the holes in them coincide with the pre-made holes in the door leaf. Then a handle is installed, and the latch and bolt are smeared with chalk to be able to mark the location of the necessary holes in the door frame.