Protective gloves

We bring to your attention special protective gloves of our own production. Such gloves are developed and produced in order to protect hands from mechanical damage, abrasion and pollution. On our website/Catalog/Protective-Equipment/Hand/Mechanical.HTML you can familiarize yourself with different types of gloves, including PVC coating. Such gloves are used in the field of industrial and home use.

We offer such modern products that are performed in high -quality conditions. The use of modern equipment and high -quality buckle allows us to ensure the reliability of wear and the long service life of the gloves with PVC surface. It should be noted that more than 40 percent of the upper extremities injury falls during work in production. If you use protective knitted gloves, then you can ensure the safety of work, increase performance, and also maintain all working conditions. This will make your work comfortable, safe and productive. In most cases, all this is due to the use of high-quality work gloves that do not cause irritation, dermatitis, etc.d. They do not belong to the category of injuries and do not contribute to more precise and faster movements, as well as accurate calculation of force. The cotton gloves offered by our company have different types and are usually divided according to the number of threads used, as well as according to the class of knitting.

It all determines the quality of the product. By the number of threads, they are called exactly three-thread, four-thread, etc.d. Those gloves that are made using many threads have a denser knit and, accordingly, have greater strength and stability. Therefore, before choosing a product, you should pay attention to these indicators.