Pentest as the most modern and effective means of protecting a system from hacker attacks

Working online requires protecting computer systems. Hackers have many opportunities to infiltrate and steal important data. To protect any computer, it is necessary to conduct security testing to determine the absence of vulnerabilities. For this purpose, the Pentest as a Service service is offered.

Main settings

A pentest is a simulation of the actions of hackers about to penetrate a system. Similar techniques and methods are used, the degree of security of individual computers or a local network is determined.

Pen test is carried out as follows:

  1. The scope of work is determined, which systems and components will be tested, and what methods will be used. The total cost of the service depends on this.
  2. Information is collected from available sources, which can serve as the basis for studying the possibilities of penetration by hackers. The technologies used are determined and traffic is analyzed.
  3. Attack options are determined that could serve as targets for illegal intrusion, after which the intrusion itself is simulated.
  4. Based on the data obtained, the security level of the network and all its components is determined, any vulnerabilities are indicated and recommendations are given for their correction.

The PTAAS process ends with the preparation of a report where the customer will see all the results of the analysis of his system and will be able to understand how to protect himself from external threats.


The CQR company has a staff of experienced specialists and proven testing technologies to accurately identify all vulnerabilities and potential threats to system security. External and internal dangers are being studied, including opportunities for hackers due to the negligence of employees and their careless attitude towards computer security.

Processes are carried out for wireless communication points, and systems connected by fiber optics and other communication lines.

The work is absolutely safe for the customer. After checking, the company removes all temporary files, leaves no traces of activity on users’ computers, and does not transfer information to third parties and third-party organizations. Complete anonymity of the tests and the results obtained is guaranteed.

CQR’s own developed technologies are used for testing; actions can be carried out with full imitation of hacker attacks, or on the basis of an independent audit.