How to recognize fake bags and distinguish them from original branded ones

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the image of a woman without a stylish handbag. It becomes a great addition and completion of the overall idea. Original Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton luxury bags become a symbol of prestige and high status in society. But how to distinguish an original accessory from a fake, so as not to waste money?

Quality of materials and finishing

Original handbags from famous brands are made of high quality materials – genuine leather or good textiles. If we talk about fakes, then the materials are of low quality. Also look at the finish of the accessory. The original is neat, there are no threads or glued areas.

Logo and branding

On original bags, logos should be clear and even, well embroidered or well applied. All branded elements (fasteners or metal parts) must be high quality and heavy.

Packaging and documentation

Original handbags are supplied in high-quality packaging. The accessories are also accompanied by care instructions and original documents, such as a certificate of authenticity. Counterfeits are often not accompanied by packaging, box or documents.


If the cost of Gucci, Balenciaga luxury bags is too low, then this is probably a fake. Original handbags are expensive because manufacturers use high-quality materials and innovative manufacturing technologies.

Place of purchase

It is better to buy bags in the official brand store or on the official website to reduce the risk of purchasing a fake. You definitely won’t buy an original on the market or from a seller about whom you know nothing.

Design and details

Study the design of the handbag very carefully. Consider the location of the logo, seams, fasteners and other elements. Counterfeits often have various design inaccuracies.

Checking the serial number

Some brands add unique serial numbers to their products. Be sure to check this number for authenticity by visiting the official website of the accessory manufacturer.

Comparison with the original

If you have the opportunity, compare the bag with a well-known original brand for all the characteristics listed above. This way you won’t make a mistake and get a quality accessory.

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