Grouting when laying tiles

You have finished laying the tiles, the next stage of work is grouting the tile joints. Grouting should be started after waiting a day after finishing work with tiles. Grouting can play an important role in creating the appearance of a wall or floor, it can both hide existing masonry defects and spoil the impeccable look of the lined surface you have created. Before grouting, it is necessary to carefully clean the tiles from dust and dirt residues, remove the joint separators (crosses).

When working with glazed tiles, you can start grouting almost immediately without prior preparation. Unglazed tiles, their top and side surfaces, should be moistened before grouting, it will be convenient to use a garden sprayer for this purpose, which is also used for a winter garden.

The main grout materials include a mixture based on cement and a mixture based on epoxy resin. You should not immediately overwrite all the seams, you must first process a small area and determine the drying time of the grout. When working with fast-drying grout, you will need extra time to take a break from grouting to clean the tiles in a timely manner.

Excess grout is easily removed using a special grater; moving the grater diagonally cleans the tile from an excessive layer of grout.