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The ELEKTRIKA online store offers you to purchase an air conditioner or a split system from us. Recall that our online store sells a huge range of electrical equipment – power tools, low-voltage equipment, fixtures and lamps, heating equipment, generators, electricity meters and much more.

It’s no secret that when buying electrical equipment there are always a lot of questions. Air conditioners and split systems are no exception. We will help you to understand the whole variety of products and make the right choice. Thus, a split system is a device consisting of two parts: one part is located in the room (indoor unit), and the second (outdoor unit) is outside the building. Separation of parts leads to noise reduction. The air conditioner of a multi-split system consists of one external unit and is connected to 2 or more internal ones. This design allows you to create a favorable microclimate in the room.

We supply products from the best European and Ukrainian manufacturers.

On our website () the terms of delivery, warranty for goods, contact numbers, communities in social networks are noted – everything you need to make your purchase process as comfortable and conscious as possible. Our managers will also help you make the right choice. We are the only shop that installs and assembles our own products

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