Exhibition “Glass Painting” – a new art form

Talented people sometimes find extraordinary ways to express their creative nature. One of these options was the creation of various works in the format of paintings or wall panels made of glass of various sizes and colors. This type of art is called “painting on glass”. The popularity of the genre is growing due to the unusual appearance of works of art – various three-dimensional paintings appear on a flat basis, which are delicately created by the caring hands of talented artists.

The Glass Painting exhibition gives novice authors the opportunity to see the works of the masters of this genre, and ordinary people to touch the mysterious and enigmatic world of glass paintings.

Glass painting options

There are several main varieties of paintings or panels created from glass. Depending on the manufacturing technique, they can be divided into two main categories:

painting on glass;

three-dimensional mosaic.

In the first case, glass is the basis, something like a canvas, on which the artist applies the image. To create paintings on glass, special acrylic-based paints are used. They fit perfectly on a glossy surface and do not discolor or crack for quite a long time. Particular attention must be paid to the thickness of each layer of paint. The quality of the details of the image is checked for light – the transgressed areas are repainted and the picture is allowed to dry. The simplest and most common way is to create a stencil picture. Under the glass is a finished sketch, which is simply painted over from the outside. The main point is the maximum accuracy when doing the work, because every unevenness and any flaw on the glass surface is visible much better than on canvas.

The second direction is the creation of a three-dimensional image from small pieces of glass of various colors and shades. This method is called mosaic. On a specially prepared glass base, the artist begins to stick various small details that form the finished drawing. It is believed that the smaller each element, the more realistic the image is. Such work is very painstaking and requires special attention, because any incorrectly pasted fragment will be almost impossible to remove without damaging the whole picture. The creation of even a small panel can take from several months to several years, due to the enormous amount of detail. The result is amazing – animated images from various fantasy worlds or real characters look at the viewer, striking with their play of colors and light reflections.

It is worth noting the special talent of the masters who create these filigree works. Indeed, in addition to creative abilities, real talent and maximum attention are needed to turn a mountain of small fragments into a single thematic work. Looking at these panels, one involuntarily recalls Kai from the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, who laid out the word “eternity” from the ice.

It is believed that such paintings carry positive energy and give the atmosphere of the room more sophistication and comfort.

The exhibition “Glass Painting” opens to each visitor the mysterious and enchanting world of luxurious exclusive works.

Dozens of various thematic exhibitions are regularly held on the vast territory of the Expocentre Fairgrounds, among which anyone can visit certain events. In addition to the presentation of equipment and new technologies for the processing and creation of glass products at the WORLD OF GLASS exhibition, demonstrations of works by famous masters are held – curved and mosaic paintings, decor items and decorations.