Do-it-yourself corner fireplace

Fireplaces have long become popular, and today for a country house, even for a city apartment, they are loved and in demand by everyone. There are many types of fireplaces. In order for the fireplace you have chosen to match the interior of the room, carefully consider making the best decision, but rather consult with professionals.

Many who want to install a fireplace opt for corner fireplaces. They are perfect for any room in the apartment, at home. The purpose of the fireplace, its appearance dictate its production method, appearance.

What is better to make corner fireplaces?

Corner fireplaces are formed using an unchanged portal, which is placed next to a false wall. It is made of fireproof plasterboard. It should look like an isosceles triangle when viewed from above. Straight, without protrusions make a false wall. If the glass is designed to be opened from the side, then the false wall must adjoin directly to the ceiling. If the glass opens from above, then this condition will no longer be acceptable. Under it, you will need to make an additional cutout at the top of the fireplace shelf. The false wall will immediately change, it should be done in a U-shape, and at the top of the fireplace there will be a specially provided cutout. The portal will remain unchanged. Do-it-yourself corner fireplace can be made if you have the right material at hand and if you have the optimal amount of knowledge that you may need.

What is the second type of corner fireplaces made of??

The type of corner fireplaces of the second type is made by truncating the lower and upper shelves. Truncation is done until the side parts of the middle part of the fireplace touch the walls. It seems that the portal enters the wall for a couple of tens of centimeters. Walls must be aligned.

In the corner fireplaces of the third type, all the necessary procedures have already been prepared – the top plate has been trimmed, the side shelves are prepared for installation. Chalet-style stoves have this condition. At a cost they are more expensive than the first two types of fireplaces, but you will mount this type of fireplace much faster.