DIY origami technique

The process of folding various paper figures is called origami. Such an activity does not require the use of glue and scissors, the figurine is born from a leaf in a short time.

For children, origami can be practiced from the age of three, this activity turns into a hobby that helps children prepare for school. There are several models of figures that children can make in preschool institutions.

Such activities develop the child’s perseverance, the ability for creative work, accuracy, the development of fine motor skills, thinking and logic, and the knowledge of geometric shapes. A variety of schemes below will help you create an original craft for children, you can see a few more ideas with origami.

Materials for making origami

To create an original origami craft, you will need plain paper, glue – a pencil for gluing small parts, an aerosol can of paint is required if the craft is made from a white sheet of paper, a pencil, a ruler.

The final result of your process will depend on how correctly you choose the paper. Below is a list of resources to help you decide.

– white paper – it is thick, not very smooth, which is good for joining parts on folds

– colored paper – does not turn white when folded, the density is the same as white paper

– you can also use sticky notes

– colored school paper – very thin and quickly torn at the folds, so it is better not to use it for origami

– you can use pages from magazines

– ready-made origami paper sets

The simplest examples for children from three years old

It is sometimes very difficult for small children to sit still, so invite them to create an origami model and feel like little wizards in the creative process with their parents: take a colored piece of paper and fold it according to the diagram below into an interesting toy.

There are different types of origami

– the classic, simplest options that are used for children from three years old, by folding a sheet of paper without scissors and glue;

– modular origami view – makes it possible to create voluminous crafts using several sheets of paper, we form modules, and then combine them by inserting into each other;

– kusudama, a variety of large balls, consisting of pieces of paper gathered together;

– kirigami, making figurines and various postcards using scissors.

Paper origami for children is an excellent method of quiet pastime for parents and children to turn into an exciting activity that all family members will definitely enjoy.