Developers require state assistance

Yesterday, representatives of the largest development companies discussed the implementation of state housing programs with specialists from the Fund for State Assistance to Youth Housing Construction.

As experts noted, the popularity of state housing programs in Ukraine has grown rapidly over the past few years. This trend is most clearly seen in the capital region and the Sumy region. This is clearly seen in the number of families who were able to purchase their own residential real estate with the help of government programs. On the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region, a constant increase in the popularity of housing programs has been recorded. For example, in accordance with the program to reduce the cost of mortgages, more than 300 families were able to purchase housing in the region. Above this mark, only demand in the Kyiv region. More than 185 families living in the region benefited from the affordable housing program. Dnipropetrovsk region managed to enter the top three with high popularity of state programs.

In general, the region has a fairly large number of families who wish to become homeowners. But after the state has suspended financing for a number of housing lending programs, the possibilities of such families were reduced. Some Ukrainian developers began to offer their own lending programs of the population. That’s just, due to the limited financial resources, these programs will never be able to become a full -fledged alternative to the state.

Development companies are extremely important, state support, without which, in difficult economic conditions, they simply cannot do. Its own resource is enough only for local projects for several objects, which is simply not enough for the scale of large cities.