Developers choose Ukrainian building materials

Since the beginning of this year, building materials across the country have risen in price by more than 10 percent, if we talk about imported analogues, the price increase amounted to about 40 percent. Many companies have declared their readiness to switch to domestic building materials if they are of the proper quality.

For this period of time in residential real estate, the overall indicator of imported building materials rarely exceeds the indicator of 15 percent, for the elite class-about 40 percent, only these materials are eventually located in a zone with increased risk, due to their binding to foreign currency. Materials are traditionally valued by currency jumps, makes itself felt and the risk of disruption of approved terms for supply, in some cases, transferring funds for building materials takes much more time, due to the existing banking restrictions.

To almost all the materials that are purchased for dollars (radiator batteries, heating systems, sewage infrastructure, window blocks), Ukrainian taxes are also charged. Domestic goods are not always able to replace imported products, first of all, due to poor quality. There are quality issues with certain products. Some products on the domestic market are simply not available. The most striking example is industrial glass, which is practically not produced on the territory of Ukraine, especially thick glass.

Those domestic companies that value their own reputation use Western heating systems, elevators, and facades. As for the main materials: rebar, concrete, sand, cement, here the preference vector shifts towards Ukrainian goods.